La Vida v2.0—Fiji

Designed for women by a woman physician/scientist/engineer, the OESH La Vida v2.0 fit the distinct shape of a woman's foot, with a spacious forefoot area and soft heel promoting uninhibited healthy movement. Amazingly light and manufactured without toxic overlays, the patented and proprietary OESH® Sole, sustainably made in Charlottesville, Virginia, responds to your natural posture and biomechanics with a perfectly flat and springy elastomer surface that gently gives at your instant of maximum vulnerability.

No other footwear is designed to these unique specifications of peer-reviewed medical science.

With excellent traction, stability, and a non-marking, ecologically friendly Sole, the La Vida Fiji is styled and built to accommodate a run, walk, hike, dance, or other lateral movement regimen, yet supple enough to be worn for as much of the day as possible. The Fiji is manufactured in women’s sizes 6.5 to 10. 


Order 1/2 size larger than normal

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